Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is the team building Kormo?

Kormo is one of many early-stage projects being developed inside of Area 120. Area 120 is a workshop for Google’s experimental products, where small teams of Googlers come together to prototype, launch, and validate products across a range of sectors. For more information, check out!

When did Kormo start? And why?

Kormo began as an internal Google project (with a much different name!) in late 2016. We launched the very first version of our app in Summer 2017, and recently debuted new features including the Learn tab and CV building functionality.

It all started from the simple observation that the labor markets in many of the emerging markets we visited, like Bangladesh, experience similar growing pains: from unemployment and underemployment to inefficient seeker-employer matching and limited professional development. Our team saw an opportunity to add value to labor markets through technology, and to help seekers grow their careers. You can read more on our About page.

What does Kormo mean?

Kormo is a Bangla word that means “work.” We see this name as one way to pay tribute to our project’s origins in Bangladesh.

Why is there a kite in the Kormo logo?

Kite-flying is a popular activity in many cultures in South Asia and beyond, and represents our ties to the local community in Bangladesh where Kormo began. The kite is a symbol of upward mobility, independence, and opportunity.

Is Kormo only available in Dhaka?

Today, yes, we are focused on Dhaka as our initial market. But, we hope to expand our service area over the coming months.

What type of jobs are on Kormo?

Like many technology-enabled marketplaces, Kormo is beginning by serving a targeted set of verticals in a specific market (Dhaka city). Our current focus is on the broad Services sector, with over 30 different job types across Retail, Hospitality, Logistics, and other verticals. We plan to expand our vertical and geographic coverage in the future.

Will Kormo be available outside of Bangladesh?

Our immediate goal is to learn as much as we can and to make Kormo valuable to seekers and employers in Bangladesh. Once we validate the Kormo product and approach in Bangladesh, we certainly hope to expand to other countries!

I have come across insights published using learnings from Kormo's presence in Dhaka. How are these measured?

Kormo has partnerships in place with content producers and publishers in Bangladesh to surface useful insights to audiences interested in learning more about the local jobs market. Only aggregated data is used. For instance, we create materials like infographics that are published by our media partners. Below are some definitions:

Top Employers - These are the top employers on Kormo based on volume of vacancies posted for that given time period.

Top Trending Jobs - Here the data consists of occupations (e.g. call centre representative) with the highest week over week growth in demand (i.e. posted vacancies) from employers

Popular Jobs - These are the occupations with the most job seeker applications and growth from the Kormo user community.

Job Map - We use location data included in job posts from employers to visualise where the most vacancies are in Dhaka

Kormo primarily connects Service sector jobs in Dhaka through the Kormo app (available on the Google Play Store). For more information on Kormo, please read the About Us section and other content on Support page. If you have any further queries or feedback, please contact us using the form at the bottom of the Support page.

For Job Seekers

How do I access Kormo?

You can download our Android-only seeker app in the Google Play Store. You’ll need your phone number/email to log in. For now, you can only access our app in the Play Store if you are located in Bangladesh.

What can I expect from Kormo?

Kormo offers a new way to find jobs, and to access the information and tools needed to build your career, including the Kormo CV and the Kormo Learn tab. For more information, take a look at our “How Kormo Works” and “About” pages.

What kind of jobs will I find on Kormo?

Services sector jobs in Dhaka city, with a particular emphasis on Retail, Hospitality, and Logistics job types. You might see posts from some of the largest employers in Bangladesh, from local startups, or even from some dynamic small and mid-sized businesses.

Is Kormo free for job seekers?

Yes! And there are no registration fees.

How does Kormo treat the data privacy of its seekers?

We are committed to following the Google Privacy Policy. You can read more about it here.

What should I do if I need further support?

Give us a call at 09617016579! We’d be happy to help. Or, message us here through FB Messenger, or @kormoapp on Twitter.

How do I get a job through Kormo?

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, the most important thing is to fill out your profile and Kormo CV with as much information as possible. The more information you have on your CV, the easier it is for us to match you with jobs and content that might be interesting to you, and for employers to get excited about hiring you.

After you’ve completed your profile and CV, browse through the Recommended Jobs tab in the app, and tap “apply” for those that interest you. If you’re appropriately qualified, you might be invited to interview, at which time we’ll notify you. From there, you’ll need to give the interview your best shot, and then it’s up to the employer to make a hiring decision!

If you don’t get the job, don’t worry! There are plenty of other interesting posts in our system. And, you can take the time to update your CV and use the Learn tab so that you’ll be better prepared for your next opportunity. Keep browsing and learning.

I’m already working in a job. Is there anything else for me to do in the Kormo app?

Absolutely! You can use the Kormo app to create a beautiful, complete, and free CV, containing your education, prior work experience, and references. You can also use our Learn tab to find curated career development content that will help you develop your skills and grow in your career.

How do I edit my Kormo profile?

You can edit your Kormo profile directly from the Kormo app. Open the Kormo app, tap Profile then tap YOU and then ensure each profile section are up-to date. Keeping your profile updated ensures you get the most relevant jobs for you in Kormo app.

How do I delete my Kormo profile?

We’d be sorry to see you go! But, if you want to delete your profile entirely, you can email us at

For Businesses

How does Kormo for Businesses work?

We currently run an Early Access Program (EAP) for a select number of employers in a small number of verticals, including Retail, Event Management/Brand Promotion, Restaurants/Hospitality, and E-Commerce/Logistics. We are continuing to iterate on this program, and expand the verticals we serve, as our Kormo for Businesses product evolves.

How do I join the Early Access Program for employers, or get connected to someone on the Kormo team?

If you’re a business, and you’d like to work with us, please fill out our contact form or go here to join our cohort of employers. We’ll get back to you in no more than 48 hours with next steps.

Is Kormo for Businesses free?

For our early access employers, yes, Kormo is a free product for now. We are currently focused on learning from our initial employers and solving their immediate hiring needs with technology. However, we may introduce a simple subscription model in the coming months.

What are the implications of hiring people through Kormo?

Great question. Please take a look at our Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and Privacy Statement.

I want to post a job outside of Dhaka. Will that be supported?

Our focus today is on supporting operations for employers and seekers solely in Dhaka city. You can still post a job outside of Dhaka (in Bangladesh), but should be aware that we are not proactively onboarding users outside of Dhaka, and thus you are not likely to see any activity on that post.

Can one or more people on my team have access to a Kormo for Businesses account?

Yes! You can set up your team’s account so that multiple individuals will have access.

Who pays the worker’s salary?

Employers are responsible for paying the salaries of their workers through their previously established processes.

What should I do if I need further support, or if I want to delete my account?

Please give us a call at 09617016579.

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