Kormo is a jobs and careers app that connects job seekers to businesses that are looking to hire and allows job seekers to create and maintain a digital CV, all in one app.

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Kormo is currently available in Bangladesh only and catering to jobs in Dhaka only for now. For job seekers, joining the Kormo community gives them access to relevant job openings and information and tools to help them grow their careers. These include the Kormo CV builder and the Learn Tab, consisting of tons of useful content!

If you have a smartphone, you can start developing your career on Kormo today. As soon as you log in, you can start creating your Kormo CV, which will help you get connected to more relevant job offers, learn new skills, and earn more.

For employers, we work with all kinds of businesses looking to hire talent, whether you are a large corporate or a small enterprise. If you're looking to hire people that suit your work needs, you can join the Kormo employer Early Access Program (EAP).

Why Kormo

In Bangladesh, over 2 million young people enter the workforce every year but unemployment and underemployment continue to grow (source: BBS, 2016), creating new challenges for local people and the economy. Similar problems exist for many emerging countries all over the world. Our small team started working on Kormo in late 2016 to be part of finding a solution and help improve the way people find work and grow their careers. We’ve been testing out Kormo in Dhaka (Bangladesh) since mid 2017 and have been able to connect more than 21,000 jobs and serve hundreds of employers looking to improve the way they recruit.

Kormo & Area 120

Kormo is being developed inside of Google’s Area 120 program, an incubator for new innovative ideas inside of the company. To learn more about Area 120 please check out www.area120.com.

Our Team

The Kormo team consists of 12 people working on the product full time. We all have a shared passion for trying to solve day-to-day problems for the “Next Billion Users” through technology. Since we started working on Kormo, we’ve spent a lot of time in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and other countries in South and South East Asia learning directly from prospective users about how we could build a product that meets their needs. We’ve been through many (probably way too many!) iterations of Kormo along the way and every time we make a change, or hear from a user, we learn something new. Our goal is to keep improving Kormo at a fast pace so that we can continuously improve the way our users get connected to work and the tools to help them grow in their careers. If you have any feedback for us, please reach out!


Our team gets tons of support from 20%ers (Googlers who volunteer some of their time to support other projects) and colleagues from other departments at Google (like Marketing, Legal, Finance). They help us every day as we figure things out with our product and take Kormo to market.

Our Partners

To get Kormo off the ground, we’ve collaborated with a bunch of organisations in Bangladesh. These partners have helped us at every stage of product development, ranging from gathering our initial user insights whilst prototyping, all the way to implementation in the field. A big thank you to Boomerang Digital, BRAC, Forethought PR, 10 Minute School, Don Sumdany Facilitation, and many others for being awesome partners in bringing Kormo into the hands of users in Dhaka!

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